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If you’re a web developer, knowing how websites are developed is vital. You may be intrigued by the back-end code that drives a website, and every browser utilizes this code to show web pages. Search engines like Google also scan this code to decide where your web pages should appear in search results.

The source code of a website includes vital information about its structure and operation. Here’s a tip on how you can simply download the source code of any website with just a few clicks. We’ll also touch on how you may get the source code for additional inspection.

Get Source Code of Webpage

What is a source code?

Before explaining how to access a website's source code, let's understand what it is.

The source code is essentially the backstage programming of a website or piece of software. For websites, it contains all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that make up the site. Web browsers use this code to create a website's visual display, combining its structure and design.

Essentially, the source code is the behind-the-scenes language that browsers decipher to display the website. It’s like the blueprint that dictates how a website appears and acts. For educational purposes, people may access and study this code using various tools to learn how things work.


How to get the source code of any website

Now, let us discuss how to examine or acquire the source code of any website. For that, you can simply follow the procedures indicated below:

  1. Visit the website:

    • Go to the website on which you want to access the source code.

  2. Right-click and select View Page Source:

    • Right-click on any portion of the site.

    • From the context menu, pick the “view page source” option.

  3. Alternative Method:

    • You may also put ‘view-source:’ at the beginning of the URL.

    • For example, if the URL is, change it to view-source:

  4. Download the source code:

    • If you wish to download the source code, utilize the “Save As” option in your browser.

    • Press the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut.

That’s it! These strategies work on all web browsers, regardless of which one you’re using. You may also easily see the source code using the Ctrl + U keyboard combination. It’s a basic approach to learning how webpages are made.

How do I utilize the Inspector Element Tool?

The Inspector Element tool is a crucial component of a browser’s developer tools, utilized by web developers and designers for real-time debugging, analysis, and code change on a website. It gives an interactive approach to exploring and learning how a website is constructed and operated.

  1. Visit the website:

    • Go to the website you wish to investigate.

  2. Open Inspector Element:

    • Right-click on any portion of the site.

    • In the context menu, select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element."

    • Alternatively, use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I.

  3. Explore the developer tools:

    • The browser will launch the Developer Tools window.

    • Navigate through the tabs, such as Elements, Console, Sources, etc.

    • The “Elements” tab will show you the HTML structure of the site.

    • You may interactively examine and alter items in real time.

The Inspect Element tool is a useful feature used by web developers and designers for troubleshooting, evaluating, and making real-time modifications to a website’s code. It’s a terrific approach to look into the specifics of how a website is made.

How to get the source code on the phone

If you’re using a mobile browser and want to read the source code of a website, you may follow a similar approach:

  1. Open the webpage on your mobile browser.

  2. Add ‘view-source:’ at the beginning of the URL, like this: ‘view-source:’

  3. Press Enter.

This strategy works well on common mobile browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox. It’s a convenient technique to inspect the source code even when you don’t have access to a computer.


In other words, studying the source code of a website helps you understand how it’s made. Whether you’re simply interested or hoping to become a web developer, there are simple methods to access this code.

On a PC, you may right-click on a website and pick “View Page Source” or utilize the “Inspect” option. You may also include ‘view-source:’ at the start of the URL. If you’re on a mobile device, add ‘view-source:’ to the URL in your browser.

These approaches enable you to see behind the scenes of a website, making it a fun and interesting way to learn about web development.

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