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Online URL Encoder / Decoder Tool and its Significance for SEO

An online URL encoder or decoder is highly crucial for the user who is unable to understand the HTML or JavaScript URLs. This application will assist in decoding them into a completely understandable URL. If you too wish to decode a string of incomprehensible language into intelligible English, simply put the encoded section into the box and submit. It will examine your encoded, readable text.

The online URL encoder and decoder tool works in both directions. As the name implies, it is capable of changing the URL structure into %, alphabetic, and numeric characters, as well as returning it to the original format. This utility is accessible online for free. Many websites that provide online tools for SEO and web development give them away without asking for any form of sign-up or membership.

URL Decode

There is a comprehensive ASCII table representing printable and nonprintable characters. If you want to obtain a better understanding of hexadecimal and character codes, here you will be able to comprehend the values of Dec, Hex, and their character codes correctly. The quantity of printable characters is substantially greater than the non-printable ones.

The primary objective of this web tool is to transform all non-printable characters into printable ones. This gadget's operating method is also quite straightforward. You only input the text, and the application's algorithm will instantly encode or decode the provided text based on your order.

A URL must be compatible with all sorts of browsers; consequently, you need to change it into a readable format. The URL Encoder and Decoder Tool.

You may have encountered certain URLs that include special characters, which make them complex. Rather than readily legible text, the URLs include characters like % and numeric numbers.

These are really called encoded URLs. This encoding aids in the accurate transfer of content into a URL string. URL encoding is normally done to transform information delivered via HTML form since such data may furthermore comprise special characters, such as "/", ".", "#", and so on, that may be:

  • Have specific meanings.

  • Isn't there always a valid character for a URL?

  • A switch could be updated at some point.

In brief, any character that has no logical value in the readable format of the URL requires replacement. For instance, characters like #, $, or space are regarded as incorrect by many browsers when investigating a web URL. Therefore, you need a method that can help replace incorrect characters with valid ones.

To view the website's HTML source code, use our free online source code viewer tool.

What does URL encoding mean?

Url encoding is a way to encode a string or URL by replacing a specified group of characters with a % symbol followed by two hexadecimal digits. Since a URL or string cannot include spaces or other types in the encoding format, it is substituted with the following ASCII characters:

If the URL cannot include any spaces when you enter a term into the search engine, it is replaced by a specified ASCII character format due to a user's request to the server. Since the URL in the browser does not include any spaces, it will substitute spaces by adding (+) or with a %20 symbol.

For example:

What does URL decoding mean?

Url decoding is a way to transform nonsense URLs or sequences of text into legible, intelligible URLs. This decoding approach transforms a string of questionable ASCII letters into legitimate, human-readable text. Because it is extremely necessary to be transformed into decoded text that arrives from the server to the requested browser in a clear, readable manner.

For example:


When the server delivers the data requested by the browser, it is really presented in the aforementioned manner. But owing to decodings like utf-8 or other sorts of decoding, the unfamiliar ASCII letters, hexadecimal, will be reproduced into intelligible text.

Once the aforementioned text is decoded, it displays in standard-readable format in the browser.

Output: Hello, everyone. What does URL decoding mean?

For this reason, a URL encoder and decoder tool are accessible online. The primary function of this URL is to detect the characters that are incorrect. It encodes the special characters and unique values that you cannot grasp at first sight. Here is a list of characters and their transformations according to the browser's resolution:

It is quite difficult to recall all these characters; hence, a specific tool is essential for transformation. The alphabetic characters are not listed here. This list is merely aimed at providing you with an overview. In the following post, you will learn in depth about how this works.

Why do we need an online URL encoder or decoder tool?

When it comes to understanding the requirement for an online URL encoder or decoder tool, you will receive many justifications. It's a great tool for digital marketers to save time. Some key reasons why you need to pay attention are:

1. Need for SEO specialists

The technology of URL encoding and decoding is extremely important for SEO specialists because every link on a website must operate correctly. If there is any trouble loading due to the unnecessary characters discussed above, there will be no single goal of full digital marketing tactics.

Suppose you've been marketing the term on a website for the last two weeks. It is important to ensure that the search engine server is capable of processing a URL and that all browsers support it. SEO involves excellence in unorganized methods as well as patience for outcomes.

However, you will not obtain the fruit of patience even after doing everything right. In such a scenario, it is vital to verify the technical flaws. After generating a page using the content management system, it is recommended to encode its URL.

2. Web developers are needed.

It is the responsibility of a web developer to ensure that the entire website's pages are functioning correctly. While testing every single page, it is necessary to ensure their compatibility with various browsers. Just like the backend code and resolution compatibility, URL validation is equally critical.

For this reason, there is no need to install all browsers and run tests independently. You merely need this internet encoder and decoder. Put a URL with incorrect or unsupported characters and retrieve it in percent encoding.

The importance of an online URL encoding and decoding tool

The online tool for URL encoding and decoding saves you a lot of time. If there is a problem with the structure of the URL, there is no need to go further to understand and make modifications. The figures presented above are merely to indicate the characters for your awareness. Rather than altering characters manually and incurring errors, it's best to utilize an automatic tool.

How does the online URL encoder and decoder tool work?

This is one of the easiest tools that doesn’t require any sort of ability. You simply need to know how to copy and paste. Here is how it works:

  1. Copy the URL that you wish to encode.

  2. Open a webpage where the encoding or decoding tool is accessible.

  3. Paste your URL in the supplied field, complete the captcha code, and then click on the submit button.

  4. The results will be dependent on encoder or decoder formats.

Benefits of an Online Encoder/Decoder Tool

  • Cool SEO tools provide online url encoder-decoder tools that are completely free to use anywhere at any time. The tool encodes and decodes the URL or string of words that can be substituted with a set of ASCII characters, depending on how the server operates in the backend, and presents the words in decoded format to the user. The encoded URL is legible and comprehensible to the users.

  • Our Url Encoder decoder program is capable of encoding and decoding javascript URLs and ASCII code text. Dynamic URLs, etc. Just input the desired kind of URL in the corresponding text field and click the submit button. Within seconds, it shows both forms without any technological trouble.

  • In SEO terms, the encoder and decoder are particularly important because consumers do not comprehend the encoded content. So, the web developer creates a Unicode meta tag named utf-8 or other Unicode types to turn a string of nonsense into user-intelligible words or URLs.

  • If the web page targeted by SEO specialists has a complicated URL and the browser is experiencing problems loading, it will immediately impact the company's revenues. If the end customer is not comfortable when viewing a website, you are doing everything purposelessly. Therefore, the online URL encoder and decoder tool has tremendous relevance.

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