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What is a broken link checker?

The broken link checker is an internet program that you don’t need to install on your computer system. It is available using any standard browser. You merely need the web URL of an internet site where this service is provided. The broken link checker tool is capable of detecting links from an entire domain name by inputting its home page URL.

For tiny websites, it is not a major difficulty to determine which page is not functioning, but not for large sites with massive data to analyze. Without offering any previous information, you may lose a significant consumer base. Many websites are presently offering the service of broken link checking. There is a list of web sites that you may visit without paying any membership costs.

Some of the sites can require a monthly fee, but you must go with our free SEO tools. If someone is asking for money or requesting to fill out the subscription form, skip to another one. This is a revolutionary tool, particularly built for the simplicity of search engine optimization professionals. In the following section, the relevance of broken link checking is described in depth. Take a peek.

Why do we need a Broken Link Checker tool?

We need a broken link checking tool for numerous functions that rely on an individual’s needs. Some of the most prominent causes are here:

  1. Whenever you update a new page on the website, it has to be crawled by the bots of the search engine for indexing reasons. If the crawlers have problems examining the pages of your website, they will not be able to index a page at the right ranking on the search engine. Consequently, your SEO effort will remain pointless.

  2. Many websites stay the same without any revisions for a long period of time, so they cannot determine which page is malfunctioning. Sometimes people complain about the problem, which is not good for the reputation of a website.

  3. If you routinely update your website and check for broken links Broken Links Finder, the crawlers can simply traverse through the pages, which increases the website's rating. After upgrading, the URL may be amended, which has to be enlisted in the sitemap for crawling. If you update all the links on the website after reviewing them with a specific tool, it will maintain and increase the rating via correct indexing.

  4. If the page links on your website are broken and crawlers cannot index them effectively, it will negatively harm traffic to the website. Even frequent users would not return again if they detected any form of mistake when viewing the website. Nowadays, internet users have various possibilities to avail themselves of identical items, services, or information. Then, why do they take the effort to identify the page and provide feedback for seeking to repair it?

  5. If your website has external connections, it is extremely vital to monitor the broken links more regularly. For instance, the websites supplying you with backlinks may shift the location or erase the page without offering any previous indication. If the backlink from a highly renowned website is broken, the traffic will instantly decline to a lesser level. Consequently, the conversion rate will likewise have negative repercussions.

Broken Links Finder

Broken Link Checker: A Dedicated Tool to Check Broken Links

According to the Google ranking factor, broken links are truly detrimental to positioning your site at the top of search engine results. These broken or defunct links are denoted with a 404 status code. Usually, 404 links arise when a website is shut down or the link to a third-party URL has been updated.

These connections get broken, which typically hurts your site's rankings by losing crucial visitors. Broken links diminish the quality of the page and produce poor authority, which makes it harder for search engines to rank it.

There are a lot of online broken link checker programs to detect broken links on your site. According to search engine rules, any links, whether external or internal, might be deemed broken links. If your site has too many links with a significant amount of material, then it is tough to locate a broken or flawless connection.

On a website, you will discover several pages giving information on goods, services, or knowledgeable stuff. Apart from the home page, every page has a separate link address that begins with the main domain name. While viewing these sites, occasionally you may get issues like a 404 or “page not found.”.

In this circumstance, the internet user cannot acquire access to the information offered on that specific website. To retain the excellent reputation of the website, it is vital to repair all of these issues as quickly as possible. These errors occur when the connection is broken. There are various reasons why these connections are broken, as listed below:

  1. Misspelling during connection construction

  2. If the external websites have gone down,

  3. A page no longer exists because the administrator has deleted it or changed the location.

  4. Technical blunders are created by the administrator utilizing the webmaster tool.

  5. The site has been outdated.

  6. It has been transferred to a new domain address.

In basic language, a broken link signifies a stop in the route that brings you to a certain piece of information. On a major website like an e-commerce or blog website where innumerable pages exist, it is quite difficult to determine which page is malfunctioning.

Rather than getting complaints from the user and answering back with discomfort and remorse, it is better to employ a broken link Finder tool. This application is capable of discovering faults on numerous pages of a website with only one click. Scroll down to acquire more information.

So, we built a unique tool to discover broken links on any website presented in the text box to scan the page every line for the fault.



The relevance of the Broken Link Checker tool

The broken link checker tool serves many objectives from the perspectives of different people. Its value is stated below in points for better understanding.

1. From the standpoint of search engine optimization

As a search engine optimization professional, you need to pay attention to various aspects that impact the ranking of a website. If anything is wrong, it will immediately affect the traffic and sales of a website. It is an extremely tedious, monotonous, and laborious effort to examine every link separately by opening it in different tabs.

There must be technology to discover the weaknesses in the links on a website. The broken link checker tool is one of the simplest approaches to making it feasible in a minimal amount of time.

This sophisticated technology aids in sustaining the reputation of a website. Broken links not only harm the ranking but also generate a negative reputation among the targeted visitors. When individuals visit a website, investigate the page of their interest, and find it inaccessible, they submit unfavorable reviews that anybody may see and make a further judgment on whether to return again or not.

Also, they provide a poor star rating on Google, which plainly displays along with the site URL on a search engine. If you want to safeguard your organization from unwanted repercussions, frequent examination using the broken link checker tool is vital.

2. From the standpoint of the normal website owner,

You must be informed of the state of your website. It is also your job to evaluate all components of a website individually, rather than totally counting on a marketing business. Sometimes, marketers neglect to run the broken link checker tool on a regular basis.

As a consequence, your website loses its permanent visitors and customers. If you are detecting this sort of problem, immediately launch a broken link checker tool and analyze the whole website to make sure that all links are completely functional. If any issue is happening, contact the service provider that you chose for the purpose of digital marketing and ask them to correct it as soon as possible.

What happens if your site has broken links?

It inhibits the search engine from crawling the page and badly hurts rankings in all search engines by either indexing or presenting the erroneous information for the user. A website with any form of broken link can drastically impact your site's rating and make it tough for people to know the page.

With the aid of the Broken Links Checker tool, your website will be thoroughly inspected for both internal and external link status information, whether it is operating well or not.

How does the Broken Link Checker tool work?

A broken link checker tool is incredibly straightforward to run, whether you are an SEO professional or a regular internet user. Here is a guide to the step-by-step approach to follow: -

  1. First, launch our broken link checking tool. A screen will pop up requesting that you input the URL.

  2. Open the desired website and copy its domain name from the home page. Now paste it in the search box of the broken link checker tool. 

  3. The website provides a captcha to verify whether you are a person or bot functioning. Now click on the “Get Broken Links” button to perform the operation. 

  4. After solving it, the procedure will commence, and it takes just a few seconds to perform.

  5. The results will be displayed in the table, sorted into three categories. The first part will display all link URLs related to the website. The second part will display the status code for each link linked to the page. In the third area, the status of the links will be presented, whether they are good or not.

  6. The external links belong to other domains, while the internal connections belong to your own website. If there are broken links, you will see the status of all links linked to a URL, whether they are broken or operating correctly. Identification and repair of the issue are quite straightforward using this procedure.

Now the program will scan entirely all the anchor text links (internal and external) one by one on the web page by presenting status codes 200, 301, 404, and other server codes. If you observe any links reflecting 404 errors, then these are deemed broken links. Finally, the broken link checker tool will help SEO marketers, content writers, and developers discover any defects in links.

How can I handle broken links?

  1. Use our free broken link finder tool to discover any broken links for the corresponding page by supplying a manual link to it.

  2. Instead of eliminating a page, redirect to a different page using the 301 redirect technique. Just by writing a.htaccess and then forwarding to a new page.

  3. Identify broken links using the webmaster tool under the crawl errors section.

  4. If your internal links are broken, then delete them from the Google index in Webmaster without hurting site rankings.

Advantages of a Broken Link Checker

Imagine the life of an SEO professional without the broken link checker tool. They will squander more than half of the day discovering the links to a website and examining them one by one to locate the issue. This sophisticated tool is extremely rapid at crawling the whole page and providing findings in a logical fashion. Even the website owners can uncover the explanation for the low traffic if the issue is due to broken links.

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